Blah blah blah gobbledegook: reading the mystical magical language of spiritual science

“This influx of Aquarian frequency is downloading the 5th Ray of concrete knowledge, science and technology which rules electricity - the energy that powers your devices and your subtle magnetic field – and will shift our focus to humanitarian issues, technological advancements and breakthroughs…”

I found this in my journal. Maybe it’s from a book I was reading or some website I fell into. Reading it now, my eyes glaze over. Oh, blah blah blah! What does any of this gobbledegook mean?

We don’t have to know EXACTLY what is going on to know that SOMETHING is going on. We can feel it happening. This is what matters.

What matters is to notice what we feel, what we see. To let it move through, move past. Without grabbing it and labeling it and wrestling it into a box.

We don’t need to pin every butterfly to our specimen board. We don’t have to pick up every feather or heart shaped stone.

We don’t need to understand the astrology to experience the movement of the energy through the world, through our lives, through our muscle and bone.

What matters more is noticing: what is opening and closing, inside of me? What matters is that we ground to what is real and true and learn to speak the language of our own body.

Then, when we come across a sign or a stone or a problem in the world, we are ready to meet it from centered presence.

Today, inside of me, there is opening and closing, expansion and contraction. Inside of me there is a newly liberated willingness to say what I think. There is less fear - and sometimes, no fear at all.

What I mean is, this energy! Whew.
Can you feel it?
Can you let it move you?