Early Morning Shared Silence

A free hour of shared silence in the sanctuary of early morning

There is something about the early morning that invites me into silence; there is something about silence that invites me to widen, to deepen, to expand.

It’s my birthday this week and so I asked myself, What gift would you like to give yourself? The response came immediately: an hour of shared silence in the sanctuary of the morning.

An hour by the window, when the rising sun, still low in the sky, is gilding the trees and farm buildings in halo glow. An hour of stillness, when the cars of commuters have not yet left their driveways, when I can still hear, in the silence, a kind of ringing - as if the world is singing.

All of that, with my tea - and whatever book I’m savoring and my big blank sketchbook and a fast moving pen. An hour to capture those early morning musings when I, still fresh from the dream world, open my eyes and see.

As I feel for new ways to invite you into connection, this feels juicy and full and alive. There is a kind of genius in it, too - the glimmer of of guidance. For I have to admit that I don’t always come easily to meditation. Sometimes, often, I wrestle with the choice to sit and ‘waste time’ when I could be ‘working on something important.’

So, committing to this week of shared silence kind of forces me into my commitment to myself. It helps me to feel less alone in the world. To feel purposeful and connected in my solitary profession.

By giving an hour to you, I also receive the hour. By giving you the thing that I need - that I crave — contemplative, meditative silence and fellowship - I can give it to myself.

By giving, I receive.
By receiving, I give.
How marvelous. :)

So, do come, if you’re up -
Come sleepy, full of dreams.
Come in your pjs with your journal, your buttered toast, your morning brew.
Sit with me in the silence, by the window as the sun comes up and the world is singing.

The format is inventing itself as we go along but basically it’s this:
6 am I open the session on Zoom and Facebook Live. I offer a few thoughts. I stop talking. The silence opens around us. We sit together, you doing what you want. Me doing what I want.

6:30 Midway, I may offer a time check. Something like, “That’s 30 minutes.”

7:00 At the end of the hour, I may offer some thoughts. The session ends.
We carry its gifts into the day.

How to join me

Join me in our Facebook Group

Join me Via Zoom (Passcode: 719332)

6:00 am
Tomorrow - August 10th (and probably beyond)