Envision 2021. Today. 4:00pm ET

In case you missed the announcement (which I made very quietly), you're invited to a Pay What You Wanna Zoom circle today at the Soul Caller Campfire

Each year at this time, for the past (i don’t know how many) years I’ve invited people in my Soul Caller groups to circle up for a dream journey back through the year that is ending. We remember all that we’ve loved and learned, we take note of all that needs forgiveness and release what we can. Then, we turn toward the new year.

This year, especially, release, forgiveness and vision are so important. I invite you to join me at 4:00pm today. The link is below. You can join for any fee, including no fee (just enter a zero in the payment box) and come to the tent. Sit around the campfire and dream with me.

sign up here

PS If you can’t make the call but you would like to receive an audio recording, please sign up and you’ll be placed on the list. The recording will go out tonight or tomorrow.

I love you.
I look forward to dreaming together in 2021.