FLOW: You are the way of love and we are here to serve your evolution and awakening

For a long while, the guides have been quiet. Our conversation has been deep, internal and personal Today, as I sat to listen, a door swung open. A message flowed through. For you.

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I sit with the intention to listen without judgment, to notice whatever guides my thoughts and to record whatever comes. This morning, the guides showed up in full presence, as if a fountain that had been turned off for the season was suddenly back on. Their message was clear and unmistakable. My listening easier, less self-conscious.

Here is the message that flowed between us this morning at around 7:00 am.

(Note: To make it clear to the reader, I present my own thoughts and questions in normal type. When the Guides speak, the text is italicized.)


Me: I am here and I am listening. I hear:

…. singing singing singing.

I hear words:

Delivery services. This is us. We are speaking. We are wanting to speak with you.

Outside my window the wind shakes the sculpture which my husband built out of wire and found objects. A metal star, suspended from a piece of wire, trembles. I watch it move, becoming aware of sounds in my ears, a chorus of celestial instruments tuning up, many voices coming together until there is one thread of sound, a single note.

Listen. Listen.

In the word ‘Listen‘, there is a vibratory call, attuning me to the one note. As I settle and become more available, the words: Thrill. Thrill, rise around me and vibrate through me and there is an indication that this is a greeting. There is joy that I have come. Joy that I am willing to listen.

Listen. Shhh. Hear me now, you who have eyes to see, ears to hear. See, hear, listen and know. Listening to, attending to our message. This is the way. The true way. We guide. You follow. Yes?

No! I stop the flow. I am alarmed by this. Human beings do not want to be controlled.

Ah, we have chosen words that do not flow. We begin again. This is how it works. We speak. You respond. You speak. We respond. We do not control. We guide. We attune to your wishes and preferences and select services which support, lead, guide and serve the wishes and ways that you are.

We listen to you. It is co-listening. We listen to (and for) your desires/preferences, your will. We/You make conditions, create worlds, build experiements, construct systems, manage situations, open doors to match up with your desire/preference.

We do not control. We ache/long for/desire/choose connection with you.

Why? I ask.

To serve. we are ones who serve, who feel good/right, aligned, satisfied through service. It is our nature. We are that, made for/designed for/organized around serving creation.

We are builders/makers/fashioners. We listen to your thoughts, feelings, words and we observe your private moments. We are always here, never ‘there’. We are where you are, never not here.

How does this happen without intrusion? Humans fear intrusion. Being over taken by aliens, demons, by spells and spell casters. Humans are conditioned to fear you.

In response, ‘they’ show me an image. I am sitting in an open area, a bright meadow, surrounded by green and open air - it feels spacious and fertile. Then, all around me, as if appearing from out of thin air, thousands of shimmering strands, fine as silk, undulating as if moved by a current, as seaweed floats in the sea.

Can you share words now? I ask. Can you explain this image?

Yes. These are the strands of ‘vital and responsive listening’. We are light everywhere. In some places, it seems there is nothing - only air. In these places, we are as potential. Light that you cannot see, sense, touch yet through this seeming ‘nothing’ we carry messages, pulsations, the echoes between all things. Your ancient ones called this spaciousness ‘ether’. This name is fine with us, only know that this ‘ether’ is also infused into all things that you CAN sense. All things you can smell, taste, touch, see - including your body - are infused with our light. This is why you can sense us through vibration. We vibrate within you and around you. That is how you are hearing our ‘voice’, and how we are guiding your pen from within.

“We are here with you” is our song. We are here with all creation.

To you we are as singing, we are music, words, images. To another, we are as movement, the feeling of being alive, the movement of joy itself through the body. All are already moving with us. Creation moves through you. Esther/Abraham calls this ‘joyous co-creative experience.” And yes, we are same One (for there is only one) speaking through Esther. you and Esther are ones who detect our wish to speak to those who desire to hear our message. Yes, Paul Selig, is another.

Each being is a particular way of receiving, of listening. Certain preferences that you carry shape and frame the message that we bring but always our message is the same: we are here with you, here for you. All is well.

I ask the guides, When I was first aware of your presence, I believed you were angels. Are you angels?

We are as those ones who have been, who can be expressed as angels. Angels of message help us. We help them. Like you, angels are an expression of creation/creative force, a shape constellating around an intention. Angels’ intention is to serve, to offer comfort, to uplift and to soothe. Angels offer connection to self and help connect one to the other.

As we have said in earlier transmissions, Angels are messengers, they are bridges, and they are necessary now for they appear within the spacious ‘nothing’ out of ‘thin air’ to show you that you are loved, that you are not alone. Which is our message always, the same message: We are here with you. You are here and we are here. We are here together.

And we are here now. And this is the second part of our steady, our constant, our endless message: We are here now, with this. Whatever this is is good.

Why must the message be repeated and repeated?

It is not so much a message as a presence. For now, we are communicating it as ‘message’. In truth, it is all that is. In truth, all that is has always been vibrating together as one.

We are here with you. Now. With this, whatever this is. And we are one with you AND with this, at this time. Together.

There is nothing more to say. Once this message has been received and integrated it will cease to be a message and it will evolve, becoming a way. All will live within the message of the One together. The way of Love. We have offered this message before. And we will offer it steadily, without ceasing. All of your avatars, prophets, teachers and seers have articulated it in their own ways. It is all the same message.

So let us come back now to the image. For that is our primary offering today. We request that you develop the image of the human being as the one in the oceanic sea of holding.

For the sea creature, the ocean of water all around and sand underfoot. For the human creature, an ocean of air all around and soil underfoot. (By the word ‘creature’ we point to the ‘created embodiment of life force’ that you are.)

And as the sea creature is one created to embody life force within the holding of the water, so the human creature is one created to embody life force within the holding of the air. The vibrantly alive, responsive ‘nothing’ around you. And our message today is, we are that life force. We are that which responds, which ripples when you move through it. We are living response. We are conscious listening presence and we are all around you. We are here with you.

In this way, God/Universe/Divine Love can and does listen to you all, at all times. Through us, the sparkles and strands of living, listening light, which float around you and flow through you, God can respond to all at once for all are one.

Our next message is pointing to collective response. When you all vibrate together, collective events occur. Events of greater visibility. And this we will touch on now and return to in future transmissions.

Strong emotions create bigger effects - on the personal level, in your body and on the collective level, in your shared environment, your world.

When your emotions are heightened - when there is fear or stress flowing and pounding loudly through your physical body, your body responds with increased respiration, perspiration, quicker heartbeat. You may feel buzzing of energy in hands and feet, the feeling that you have to move - to get up and do something. These physical responses are triggered by your body’s response to a thought. You think, “I’m at risk” and your body responds. It serves. What is actually happening is that we (life force within, intelligence within the body) are responding. We are activating the necessary systems so that you can act - move, flee, fight, whatever is needed.

This same intelligence permeates all space. It serves.

Whenever two or more of you vibrate together (which happens whenever thought, image and feeling align) a response occurs (we respond).

Now is the time for awakening to your own part in these effects. This is our message. For with awareness of what you do, what you cause, what power you have to create effects, comes maturity, the responsibility for and authority over those effects.

In other words, as you awaken, you become aware of your own power to change the world. As you become aware of this power, you are responsible for its effects.

And it is time for you to see. We say so, not because we are afraid - and not because we are in charge of you. (We remind you that we are here to serve, to build out, to make real your creation.)

We say so because YOU are afraid of the world you have made and you cry out for help. (We remind you that we are not the God to whom your prayers are addressed. We are that which serves God AND you. We are the ‘ether’, the bridge which carries your prayer to God and allows God to hear you and to respond. We are created by God, as are you, to fill creation with Love.)

We fill the space that you perceive as between yourself and God. Inside of that space, we carry your calls for help as water carries bubbles from the depths to the surface of the sea. We are the medium of vibratory intelligence, a great listening presence across which all thought vibrates together.

We are here to serve. We have no agenda for you nor do we hold an intention for how your world must be. Within the laws and limits of creation, all are free.

Like the wind, we move through the world, carrying messages, scattering seeds and blowing leaves into piles against the structures you have made. We support the movement of all life, from season to season. Invisible until we are called to appear. Silent until you sit down to listen. Then and only then will you hear us singing. Only then will you gain awareness of our message and through our message, awareness of your own power to shape the world, your own power as creator.

You are the way of love and we are here to serve your evolution and awakening. You are here and we are here with you. Now and forever. And all is well and all will be well. So be it and so it is.