The dreams where the light came for me

Five dreams in a row, heralding the return to love, to light, to life.

For three nights, I dreamed. The dreams were archetypal - full of images for all of us; they were also, personal, rich with meaning for me.

They are a message from Love for all of us.

I offer them as they came. One after the other. A gift from the light. It is here. It has come for me. It has come for you.

Dream One: Saturday.
The light came for me
I dreamed that I was standing in line in a dark and dingy alley. The whole thing was chiaroscuro— black and white. Like an image from the Great Depression. I felt nothing. Cared about nothing. The emotional feeling was dull, flat, empty. Suddenly, I noticed a little ball of light, almost like a bee, zipping around.

I sensed that it was looking for me. It drew my attention and then drew me, by my attention, off of the line. I followed it and I was free.

Before the light came for me I didn’t know I wasn’t free. I was dense and sleepy and dull. When I was free I could see more. I understood more. In the dream, I understood that I couldn’t have done this myself. I understood that the light came to find me and all I had to do was follow.

I woke up filled with joy and awe. I felt special and chosen and deeply loved. The light had come to find me. The sense of being supported in this way it’s been with me all day.

Dream Two: Sunday.
I flowed with the light, as the light.

I dreamed that I was flowing (like light, like wind) across a vast landscape as a woman’s voice was speaking to me. The voice said: “You have a lot to say about how others should live but you are not living this way yourself.”

How might I live? I asked,

and she said, “Follow the voice. As you follow, the Flow builds and, as you have seen, one choice to follow leads to the next. Each choice changes experience, each choice changes the next choice that comes.”

I looked down at the vastness of the world below and felt myself contract. I felt small and uncertain and so unworthy of this enormous task.

“Follow the voice, and see all of this doubt and uncertainty fall away. Let us help you,” she said. “Let us have you.”

Though the voice was familiar, I couldn’t help but ask: Who are you?

She laughed then, “You know who I am, who we are.”

I do, I said, laughing now myself. For I do know her and I trust her.

“I am the guide. We are the guides. We are Love…” she said. “Once you begin, you will have no time for this self-doubt. It is illusion. For all of this being uncertain comes from not following the voice. Let us help you. Let us lead you.

“Start your course now. Your course of following the voice, no matter what. Your course of following love, no matter what. When you start your course you are immediately on course. Stay the course and see the course change course. Know this: You are the course you choose.

“You are the chosen one. And so is everyone else.

“Know this: You have been given this course because you can hear us. We are the message. You are the messenger.

“You are given this choice every moment of every day of your life. It is never and will never be too late to follow the voice. You have not missed/cannot miss your opportunity. Here it is again. Follow the voice.

“Your opportunity is now. Your appointment with Love is ongoing, ever opening before you. Walk with me now. Every step is the choice. Follow the voice. Give up the argument and know Love.

I woke up and again, the message vibrated through me all day. I knew what it meant. I knew what it asked of me. I went through cycles of acceptance and resistance. I practiced following the voice all day.

Dream Three: Monday.
Two men, two maps

I can’t decide which man to follow. I love them both with all my heart. In the end, knowing I must choose, I leave one to be with the other. In the dream, I know that I’ve made the right choice. Everything is wonderful. All is well. Suddenly, the two men are standing before me.

I look from one to the other. Oh, I realize. They are both the same man. It’s I who have changed.

I wake up. I write down the dream. I fall back to sleep and dream again.

Dream Four: Monday.

There is a map where each of our stories is plotted. Each map is a spectrum. Each story is interpreted by a wise elder, who bends over it , scanning our life like a landscape. In this dream, I watch as the wise one evaluates someone else’s map. I have the sense that I am the apprentice - and he is the teacher.

As I watch him work, tracing his finger across the page, I learn. I understand. Though no words are spoken, the wisdom flows like water and I am a sponge. I soak it in. I see that each life begins with certain qualities and as the years unfold, each quality shifts into an expression of shadow or light.

If the quality is nourished and watered and given light, it flowers into understanding, wisdom. I see that if the same quality is held in the dark, undernourished and ignored, it festers, becoming an ignorance, a fault.

This made so much sense to me in the dream time. Part of an ongoing teaching I seem to be receiving while asleep. I’m reporting it here without comment because it’s part of this series. Perhaps you will have an embodied sense of what it means and where it fits.

Dream five:
We need you to fill your place

I dream that I am running through the house as a male voice is speaking - as if leaving a message on an answering machine. I am looking for a telephone, desperate to pick up the call before the caller hangs up. “Just listen,” my husband says. I stop running. I listen. The voice says:

Come to the production as soon as you can. We need you to fill your place.

My husband looks at me. “Wow,” he says. “This is your big break. Do it!”

There is a beep and a second message begins. This time it’s a woman. She says,

Come now. It’s time. We’re waiting for you.”

I wake up with the words embroidering themselves through my thoughts:

Quietly invite. Make the space and show up - a door blowing open in a warm spring breeze.