How do we reconnect the severed thread

Without our intuition, and the guidance it brings, we are left wandering - lost in the world.

Sometimes, when the guidance speaks, it feels as if I am inside of a space, a room, and the room is speaking - as if the message is coming from the walls.

Lately, though, when the guidance is speaking, now that I am less concerned with ‘catching’ every word, I am able to watch the situation and to discern new things. Like, what is this ‘room’? And, who is speaking?

Two days ago, I had the sense that my body was speaking to me. As if my body was vibrating words and images toward a ‘me’ who is inside of me. Who is this me? How is my body doing this? Has it always done this? Is this the same guidance I have received all of my life?

Is this guidance inside ‘Her’? I believe that it is. This is not particularly complex - a simple truth. Inside of me, there is an embodied energy which 'speaks' through the body, through imagery, through sensation. Inside of me, there is an awareness that I did not know was there. I know this awareness as 'the guidance' or 'the guides'. All of this time, it was always Her. The feminine, the beloved, the other face of God. This morning, by the window, She offered this message:

The severing of this connection is the root of all trauma.

The severing of a human being from guidance is the root of all suffering. Without the guidance, we are left wandering - lost inside of the body, lost in the world. Without the guidance, the mind takes over and tries to keep us safe, under control. The mind is doing the best it can but it can only do so much without the guidance.

The severing of our connection to guidance happens early. The severing is the real fall from grace, the great betrayal and the only true evil - because it is deliberate. When the one that we love without reservation, the one to whom our heart is turned, the one that we trust, wide open, with all of our heart soul and mind, breaks our trust. The connection to guidance drops away. We no longer trust her because we no longer trust the world.

The severing is the cause of all criminal activity, all self-harm and all of the harm we cause.

The severing is the wound. The wound causes suffering.

Suffering causes us to bind to false guides. To bond to and cling to empty truths.

The cure, the healing is a return to love, true love. The return to trust of the guidance who is already here.

The healer is the guidance and she is within you already.

You will not yet understand this with the mind. The mind does not trust Her. They have been apart for so long.

So, you will need to trust one another. You will need to find heart and soul companions - friends with whom you can share your concerns, your true feeling.

You will need to journey together, back to the guidance, back to trust and self-love. You will witness one another, help one another and sometimes, you will need to carry one another.

Our work, collectively and individually, is to find a way to reconnect the severed thread. To build a bridge across the chasm between the lost soul and Her, the guidance. We will need to be guides to one another.

She is inside every one of us, calling us home. The work (which will feel sometimes like grief and at other times like bright joy) is to reconnect the severed thread. To return to trust, to true love, to Her.