I magically grant you permission to be what you are, as you are

You're okay. As is.

Pretend I have a magic wand.
(I do.)
(So do you.)

Close your eyes and pretend that I am waving my magic wand over your entire body and clearing your energy from head to toe. If I missed a spot, go back and imagine me clearing that spot, too.

Then, open your eyes and read on.

With this bright clear (magical) energy (see it glittering all around you), I hereby grant you permission to be as you really are.

I release you from every binding, every rule, every name, label and diagnosis that’s been added onto your beautiful heart and soul. I release the authentic wild, free flow of light, love and life energy back into your hands, your heart, your body.

From this moment on, it’s okay to be you. As is.

You are free.

You don’t have to be louder or quieter, bigger or smaller. You don’t have to live at a faster or slower speed than your native rhythm. You don’t have to be like other people at all.

You don’t have to agree when you disagree or meet in the middle. You can ask for what you actually need and want, and even if you may not get it, you no longer need to pretend you wanted less than you did.

You don’t have to sit down or dumb down or tamp down your brilliance to make someone else feel less dumb.

You don’t have to pretend to be stronger than you are - or weaker than you are. You don’t have to squash your emotions or put on a brave face.

You don’t have to put your needs last. It’s okay to need love, to need rest, to need presents on your birthday. (A personal note here: Early in my marriage, I had to ask my husband to give me a gift on my birthday. He was suprised. He said, “I give you gifts all year.” I said. “That’s not the same thing. I am asking you to acknowledge that I was born, with a gift. Even if it’s something small, it makes me feel seen and cherished.” It’s okay that I asked. It’s okay that he didn’t realize, until I asked, that my feelings were hurt.) What I mean to convey here is that: your needs are real and they matter.

There is no ‘right’ standard of performance, of beauty, of behavior. You don’t have to be a certain way, dress a certain way, or practice someone else’s way of faith, food or fellowship. Be friends with people you like.

You don’t have to be nice. You don’t have to smile. You don’t have to be understanding or forgiving - and when you’re not, you don’t have to explain why you’re not. You can explain. This is not another rule for how to be. If you want to explain, go ahead. This is permission to feel into your own heart - your own instincts - and be guided from within.

You don’t have to be original or funny or entertaining. You don’t need a brand, an online presence or a zillion followers. Unless you want that, in which case, it’s okay to want it. You don’t have to be humble or pretend not to want a zillion followers - but it’s also okay not to. You don’t have to tell anyone what you want (but you can). I’m just giving you permission to want what you want. That’s between you and you.

You don’t have to be thin or beautiful or keep up with the latest trends. That comfy old sweater is fine. Those jeans that you love are okay, too.

I release you from the requirement to know or do or be or possess anything that is not genuinely arising from you.

I release you from the requirement to follow or adhere to any path or listen to any teacher (including me) whose message does not nourish, inspire or enrich your beautiful soul.

Beneath all of the added on layers of this culture of competition and scarcity there is a native, natural self who knows what you need and what you want. A version of you who’s intelligent and excited to be here, who is curious and creative, playful and engaging. This natural self loves life - and is eager to live it. Even when you’re sad.
Even when you can’t feel any of those ways. The natural self is still there - inside of you.

I release you to get to know your natural self. And I’ll offer this. If you ever feel disconnected from this aspect of your own heart, to help you reconnect.
Your natural self craves authentic experience, encounters with soul friends, experiences of beauty and wonder, walks along the shorelines of lakes, ponds and oceans, strolls through forests and along beaches. Your natural self loves the music you love, the people you enjoy hanging out with. It needs down time and silence, and heart-to-hearts with people who get you, who love you.

I give you permission to return
to yourself.

One last thing.
You don’t have to argue with anyone about any of this (unless you want to).
You don’t have

to prove yourself or try to change their thinking or talk about it with them at all.

That’s because they can’t release you - only you can.

You’re the gatekeeper who keeps track of the rules and holds you inside their bindings. You’re also the one who holds the key to that gate. So, in case you need permission, I release you back to you.

Easy peasy.

Just like that. You’re free. Go be you.