I thought I'd explain more clearly about ONECircle

This is the last salesy email I'll be sending for awhile. Just wanted to be more clear in explaining things - and let you know about a change.

Hello loves.

This morning, I decided to change a few things about ONECircle.

First, I want it to be super clear that this is not a year-long program. It’s an invitation to come and spend time with me and other people in the community once or twice a week for as many weeks or months as that feels good to you.

It’s hard to explain this program because I’m speaking about it from inside of the infrastructure, which may make it sound complicated and probably a little confusing as I figure out how to tell you what I’m offering.

The simple explanation is:

I decided to offer everything all at once rather than break my work up into a bunch of workshops and zoom calls. You could join and only attend the Sunday calls. There’s no obligation to do all the things. It’s just there - a smorgasbord. I’m the chef. On the banquet table, there are Tuesday calls. You can come to the ones that call to you. Leave the rest. Also on the table, all the workshops. Everything I offer this year is on that banquet table.

I priced it so that people could afford it — it’s $22 a week and $88 a month — yes I changed the monthly price. $88 feels better in my body.

I designed it to give myself a steady rhythm and workflow. I was tired of launching and launching and launching. I thought: What if I just put it all out there and said, take what you want. leave the rest. That’s what ONECircle is. It’s me saying, “Hey, I’m doing these things and if you wanna do them, too, come on. If not, totally fine.”

I designed it so you could come for a month or a couple of weeks and see how it is and then, if you like it, you can stay as long as you want. The longer you stay, the more content is there for you. See?

Because I’m offering everything I do this year as one program, one circle members attend every single one of my workshops for no extra charge. So basically for $22 a week for $88 a month, you’re getting at least three six week workshops. (That’s a $1200 value right there!) Plus the two Zoom calls.

When you think about ONECircle, I hope you’ll think of it as an oasis—a Sunday call where you can sink into quiet meditation and exhale all the stress of the week from your shoulders. If you wanted, you could attend only the Sunday calls. There’s no requirement to do more. But if you want more, it’s there - on the banquet table.

Of course there’s more to ONECircle—the deepening, the attunement to the Soul Caller energy —but all of that will happen through resonance, just because you’re held in the field of the circle.

ONECircle begins next Sunday at Noon - but it begins again the following Sunday and the one after that. Join, if you want to join, when you want to join.

If you want to see the details of ONECircle, here’s the link for that.

PS If you have any questions please ask me. This is how you teach me to explain myself — and it’s how you let me know what you want and need from my work and from this community.