Join me in envisioning the World of Love

invitation to prayer and blessing for the United States

Yesterday, as the US Capital was under siege, I posted this invitation to prayer in our Soul Caller Circle on Facebook.

My loves, this is one of those days when I just want to circle up and do a hug check. I am here with you. Join me in visualizing the U.S. Capital building surrounded in light. Your visualization and prayers will make a difference.

In times of chaos, we hold the space for light, trusting Divine Order to hold all of this in blessing, knowing that we are held in that blessing, as well. In times of darkness, we hold the space for light, knowing that we are held in that light, as well.

Know this: You are the space of blessing. You are the space of light. Your vision of a better world matters - it is magnetic and calls a better world into form.

I’m sharing some of the comments from our Facebook group. You are welcome to join us there or add your voice to the comments below.

  • Hurts my heart. I’m so sad.

  • So difficult to take this in and, yet, it’s got to be part of the healing process. The scab has come off and the light can shine fully. Prayers. Thank you, Amy. I thought of our Circle today and felt the support and gentle comfort.

  • Yes , I am not afraid . I am hopeful and full of love and admiration for We, The People !

  • Broke me a little more today, following so many tiny breaks before. Sat inside the feeling best I could, circled up my belief in love, and found some strength there. Thank you for the call to light

Know that I am holding all of you in my heart today and holding our world in light.
With great love,

~ Amy