My 2021 offerings - all in ONECircle

Join me this spring for ONECircle. An all-inclusive (mostly not on Facebook) deep dive into my work

As I’ve been working away on my new project these last few weeks, spring has been steadily arriving outside my window - today, I opened the back door and there was that wonderful smell - grass and mud and new things poking out of the soil.

I took a walk in the farm across the road, wearing only a jacket. What a relief to leave that heavy winter coat on the hook. I’m hopeful it will rest there until November.

Right now, the sun is setting where I live (in New York, about 30 miles north of Manhattan) and I’m sitting in my office, with that feeling I get when I’ve worked really hard and finally finished something important.

Well, actually, it’s only the beginning but I’ve finished the part where I write up the offer and it’s ready to send out. I feel like celebrating. With you. Because it’s YOU that I wrote it for, you that I designed it for.

So here I am, clinking my glass of virtual champagne (well, actually it’s a teacup and it’s Yorkshire Gold tea) against yours and saying: Wow.

The offer is below and whether you choose to join this new thing or not, I wanted to just… thank you for being here at all. Your presence is a gift to me. And I’d love to know HOW you came to my blog.

Was it via Instagram or Facebook? Did a friend send you my way? Did you hear me on that Illuminated Conversation I had with Slade Roberson? I’d love to know.


Last year, I didn't offer any programs. I sat back and listened. I asked the people in my Facebook group and in my weekly Zoom circle what they needed. I offered what I could, where I could. When I did, I learned from them - from you. Here's what I noticed.

You come to my work for very specific things.

You come here for light.
Last year was impossibly challenging. It was good to gather and simply hold one another in presence. In blessing. It was good to come together and know that we could talk about hard things. It was hard. And it was good.

You come here to practice coming into view - to be witnessed in your soul's radiance. Part of that practice is your remarkable ability to hold others as they emerge into their light, their radiance beside you. I see you doing that. I notice it. It’s inspiring.

You come here for stability - for grounding and holding in a sea of chaos.
Last year, you came to the circle to sit in silent presence with a group of people who know, as you know, that even in darkness, grace is present.

You come here to be with one another - but you also come to be with me.
Last year, I did my own inner work - and I came to my own truth. I hold a field of radiance of my own - a field which helps other people feel loved, feel safe and feel seen. That's a superpower. I understand that now.

You come here to practice the soul-led skills you already have: intuition, soul-led reflection, meditation and connection with your own way of radiance.

You come here to workshop. To learn new things. To review things you already know. To hear my particular POV on chakras and divination cards and angels. You come here to add to your own wisdom, and to share the wisdom you already carry with all of us.

So, this year, instead of offering six week workshops, I am trying something new.

One program. Simple and spacious and all inclusive. A kind of membership program meets smorgasbord.

I lay it all out there - everything I have to give.
You take what you want, when you want it.

If you’d like to see the details, they’re here.

And if you’d like to join me in a Facebook room to talk about it - or just to say hello, I’ll be there tomorrow (Sunday) from Noon-1:00(ish) ET. This is the link to the FB Room.

I look forward to sharing it - and to hearing your response.