getting used to quarantine

Pandemic Diary: March 27

during quarantine I am going to bed much too late and waking up too early. 4 AM usually. It does no good to try and fall back to sleep. When my body decides it is awake so I got out of bed and had something to eat - tea and a hard boiled egg from the fridge.
started working on my flow document from 2017 - I’m editing the early part of the year when mom died and I was just coming back to myself. And then Matt’s mom died three weeks later.
When I started to fall asleep while reading through a sad passage. I acknowledged that maybe it was okay to set it aside for now.
I came back to bed and hooray! Fell asleep until 6, when it was still dark. Back to sleep until 8:15 and ate a second breakfast.

PS Somehow, during that strange up and down time between 4 and 8, I lost 1.2 pounds. How do I know this? I am doing NOOM and i must weigh myself every morning. This morning, having officially awakened twice, I weighed in twice.
Weird things.