Pandemic Diary: Message from the Grace Mother

A reading with the Soul Call Cards

I was looking for a more mythic and symbolic way of holding what’s happening in the world than the way the news media was holding it. A more mythic and symbolic point of view than what we’re getting from the news.

So I turned to the Soul Call Cards, asking, “Give me a message about or from the CoronaVirus.” And instantly, as soon as I asked the question, eleven cards jumped out of my hands…

I shuffled the cards, asking:“Give me a message about (or from) the CoronaVirus.”

Eleven cards leapt from my hands. Nine scattered across the floor, two fell on the cover of The Red Book, Carl Jung’s masterwork of dream imagery and self-examination.

I knew that, in a Soul Call Card reading everything counts. The things that happen around you, the way the cards behave. Often a card or two will fall from the deck. We include these ‘volunteers’ with the understanding that each reading is an interaction with a field of living intelligence inside of which we dwell.

Here, EVERY card was a volunteer. The reading literally made itself. It was out of my hands (though in the end, I drew two additional cards the old-fashioned way to complete the edges of the reading. Those cards WEIGHT and SENSATION, anchored the entire reading.

The Red Book points our attention toward dream language and symbolism. From this perspective, events in the world can be inerepreted (read) as part of a collective dream and, when we pay attention, we notice the dream images that are always emerging around us, and speaking to deep levels of the individual and collective psyche, and the collective dream we all dream together.

So, from that perspective: what might this dream of CoronaVirus, of a force of nature forcing us into our homes, under quarantine, have to tell us?

Let's find out.

A transcript of the entire reading is below. Here’s a link to the video, if you’d prefer to watch me explain the reading.

Here’s an image of the reading and below that, a transcript of the video.


Give me a message about or from the CoronaVirus:

The reading is held inside of two frames.

The Inner Frame: FOREST VOICE GRACE MOTHER, which represents the world of NATURE.

This tells us that, as we go through this crisis, we are held in the solid, earthy embrace of the mother - of Gaia, the goddess, the living being that is the earth mother herself.

And also, that we are part of the planet and right now this planet is going through a WHOLE WORLD EVENT together. This is the first time that’s happened in history.

The Outer Frame: EGG WEIGHT HOLD SENSATION, represents the current situation that we’re in. Nature (the GRACE MOTHER) has placed the entirety of humanity (EGG-the world) on HOLD. In a cessation of sensation. We can’t go out. We can’t meet with friends. We can’t enjoy a glass of wine in a restaurant. So we’re forced back into the sensational (and sensory) experienece of being with ourselves.

This is a sensational enormous event. It’s a sensational hold. Could you have imagined this on January first of this year? Of course not. This is a BIG deal.

We are suspended in time. Sent to our rooms by nature herself. A virus is a natural event. It’s not political. It’s not extraterrestrial. It’s happening out of nature - the nature of the human body interacting with our environment.

So, we are sent to our rooms to witness the sheer power of her authority - the weight of that - and also of her responsiveness, which you’ll see in the reading.

As I received this powerful message, I realized I was listening to the voice of the Grace Mother, Nature herself - aka the Sacred Feminine. Here is what She had to tell us…

It’s time to break the glass. This is an emergency. We’re at the breaking point. It’s time to break the glass and reclaim what was stolen from you and from Me: your connection to the sacred forest.

So, she’s saying: this is an emergency. It’s time to break the glass. Desperate times require desperate measures. It’s time to break the glass and reclaim what was stolen: Your connection to the sacred forest.

Listen, She says. I am here. And you can’t hear me and we’re gonna start to repair that now, together.

She’s gonna bring us into a quiet time. So far two months now in the United States of sitting down and sheltering in place.

She says, I am the Source, the Well, I am the Grace Mother. All sensation, all movement and all of life flows from me.

That’s the WELL at the center of the reading. It’s also symbolically the well at the center of the world.

She says, I have called this break in the pattern to reclaim what was stolen, your connection to the song of the Grace Mother. As I move through the trees, through the grasses and through your own body. Come home.

Come home. Return to the well at the center of the world. You know that way.

You know the way. Sense toward it now.

She’s saying, You’ve always known the way. Sense toward it. Listen until you can hear me speaking directly to you. You do not need a priest, a prophet, or an interpreter. You know the language of forest and stream. And again, of your own body. Your own body is made and supported by nature. You are part of the natural world.

You know this language. You have only forgotten. I have stopped the world so you can remember.

With this virus, I steal back your attention to me – to the Grace Mother.

(not me, amy. Me the Grace Mother, Nature.)

I steal back your attention. I steal back your time. I steal back your senses. I return them to you freely, gifts from the Grace Mother. They are yours. They are already yours. They’ve always been yours. I steal you back for myself.

She… The Grace Mother steals you back from the world behind your screens and towers, the world behind your windows, back from the voices that would break your connection to me as they speak from behind that glass.

Som she’s referring to the television. She’s referring to the phone that we all ubiquitously hold in our hands.

I steal you back from that world behind the glass.

And remember, she opened this reading with, “it’s time to break the glass.” Now, She’s not saying it’s time to kill all technology. She’s saying it’s time to come closer to Her.

She steals you back from the world behind the glass that’s captured your imagination.
You can go there. Of course you can go there but some of that imagination needs to flow to her. You need to become aware of the imaginal realm inside of which you live – the dream of the real world around you.

Back from the voices that would break your connection to Her and to yourself. You are an aspect of Her.

She says, The promise of my grace was never broken yet I feel your pain of separation from me even as I am right here. You have imagined that you are separate from me because that’s what you’ve been told. You’ve been told that human beings are separate from nature and that you are supposed to have dominion over nature when in fact you ARE nature. And you are held by nature.

She’s our mother.

I feel your pain of separation from me even as I am right here – an egg enclosing you, supporting you and holding you every moment of your life. I am life itself — and I am right here beneath your feet supporting you and surrounding you with sustenance.

Only the glass of illusion divides you from me. Break the glass and break your addiction to holding LIFE behind cold glass.

Sense toward me with your eyes, with your ears, with your bare feet on the spring soil.

Listen. Listen. The birds are singing. Listen. The trees are whispering your name and mine. Sense into the reality, the weight of your own connection to this world.

Yes, you have sensed the tipping of the scale – the feeling that something is breaking. And I know you are afraid and I know you’ve lost faith in the promise of sustenance.

Will the world end? Is there time to save it?

And I tell you, the Mother Forest has always been here to sustain you. All that has been stolen is your awareness of this truth and your attention to that truth.

And so I have used the smallest leverage, the tiniest particle to stop the world and call you home. This is the power of the grace mother, who with the smallest particle – a virus – steals through the world, crossing all man-made boundaries to infect and disinfect the world.

And here, I am not talking about cleansing – like social cleansing, ethnic cleansing. When I’m talking about cleansing here is disinfecting the idea that you are separate from her.

Also, disinfecting the idea that you are separate from each other. As she will now explain.

You are already responding to my call. Already you work together across boundaries to heal one another and heal your world. The virus called you home to your own nature. You are all creatures of one forest. Come home to the well, the well inside of you and the well you all share, the well of your community. Work together as one world now. A collective humanity, each and every one sourced from the same well. You are a forest of grace. Imagine yourself as a tree in a forest of grace, or a bird flying from tree to tree, or a vine, or an animal in that forest. Or a butterfly. It doesn’t matter. You are all that. You are a forest of grace. And you are all sustained by the same Grace Mother.

Wellness – remember WELL is at the center of this reading – the well of grace, the well of life but also wellness, the wellspring from which all healing rises.

Wellness is right here and all medicine has always come from the forest. She’s saying, All medicine is natural medicine and rises from the earth, from the things of the earth.

Did you know that? Every medicine you take, even it it’s not an herbal medicine starts out something made by the earth: a bark, a stone, a mineral, a plant, even an animal. Know that.

All medicine has always come from the forest. The forest holds the answer to this question – the solution to this problem. As it always has, as it ever will. You are that forest now.

She’s calling us into a one world, one forest community to work together. And we already are. She’s naming what’s already happening as a result of this virus that rises from her in response to what’s happening in our world. It’s time to break the glass.

Listen, she says, I will always guide you. Listen and know. Your connection was never broken, I am here.

And you can ask for a sign that she’s here. If you’re feeling down or depressed or even grief stricken by what’s happening in our world, ask for help. She’s listening and always will be.

The last two lines of the reading.

The center will hold. There’s a well at the center of the reading that has always supported us and always will.

All will be well.

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