Root and Rise: 7 questions at the coming of the spring

A free series, an invitation into self-inquiry and discussion

Oops and whee!! There is so much eager energy in this series that one of our questions (from day 5) already escaped into your inbox!! Forgive the out of order delivery.

Here’s what’s going on: For the next seven days, I’m inviting you into inquiry, discovery and discussion with the community that gathers around my work - and this blog.

I’m inviting you to feel into the bubbling up energy of spring - to take my questions into inquiry, and, if you wanna, to share your responses.

Because…. can you feel this energy? Wow. After a year of quarantine and worry, spring feels especially wild and yeasty this year.

Where I live, snow is still on the ground but spring is everywhere, percolating up from the roots, enlivening the seeds, drawing out the buds.

The seeds inside of me are full of life force and I am eyeing the sealed shut windows of my home wondering: Can I open them yet? Can I let in the fresh air?

Maybe not quite yet. There is something I must do so all this bubbling and percolating energy doesn’t fizz fizz out into restlessness. I need to ground it. I need to do as nature is doing. As I rise, I need to root.

So I am asking myself seven spring questions to capture and contain this dual pulse of energy. I invite you to come along for a free, a seven-day shared inquiry.

I’ll offer one Q at a time. I want to encourage you to spend a little time with each question. Take it to your journal with your morning tea. Take it in your pocket as you head out of doors. Take it into meditation, in the car. Imagine the quesstion leading you through your day - engage with it in the morning, the afternoon and evening.

Then, I hope you’ll circle back and share your discovery. These questions are meant to help you rise and root. They’re also meant as conversation starters and I’m eager to hear from you.

I’m hoping we can get a thread of discussion and shared discovery going, to support us as, together, we root and rise.

Your first question will arrive in a moment.

Enjoy the week!

xxoo Amy