The dream about the blimp

In which Caroline Myss offered to read my writing and the angels helped me be brave about that

11-8-2020 Day after Biden declared president

In the dream, we were invited to spend half a day on a blimp. You could see the blimp from behind the houses. It floated above our neighborhood, un-threatening, there to help.

On the blimp, we were shown how to take care of ourselves - the habits to adopt, the habits to change. Then, we were sent back into our lives. I liked being on the blimp where things were orderly and each activity of the day was orchestrated for us. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep the rhythm on my own.

When I came back down to my life, I forgot what I was supposed to do. They let me come back on the blimp again. I had the sense that I would be allowed to return as many times as I needed to - until I could remember and keep the rhythm for myself.

That dream felt clear and real to me. It was for all of us. I sensed that, no matter what happens next, I can return to the blimp. I can keep learning. I can try again.

After the dream, I tossed around a little, unable to fall back to sleep. I got up and walked around in the dark. I turned on my Kindle and read a few pages of one of hte Donna Eden mysteries I’ve been using to soothe myself during pandemic times.

I fell asleep again and, strangely, I found myself back on the blimp - and this time, I was walking through its rooms with Caroline Myss. It was like a museum inside the blimp and, apparently, I lived there now.

As we walked, Caroline and I spoke as if we were very good friends, just chatting, discussing our lives. She was tired and she sat down on a marble bench and she asked to see my writing. “I am only doing this for three other people,” she said.

Doing what? I wondered. Was she offering to help me? I felt excited but scared. What would I show her? There was so much work. What piece of writing would I put before her? What if I chose the wrong piece?

I started to panic. I was so far behind - why hadn’t I finished sooner? Why was my work still unpublished?) I was afraid to disappoint her - and afraid to lose this opportunity.

Just then, the voice of the Guide began to speak. Fear not, She said, her voice strong and clear in my right ear. Lay all the work before her. Open to any page and the result will be the same. Trust us to guide you - and to guide her to see what is here, in you, to be seen.

I woke up.