A while back, at a family gathering, two of my sisters-in-law asked me, “What do you do anyway? Do you make any money doing it? Where do you do it?”

This is Soul Caller World: A kind of elevator speech

A while back, at a family gathering, two of my sisters-in-law asked me, “What do you do anyway? Do you make any money doing it? Where do you do it?”

I have never enjoyed this question but every branding expert requires me to have a prepared ‘elevator speech’ to answer it. I don’t - I hate elevator speeches - and that wouldn’t be a problem if I knew what to say when someone asks me what I do.

Cuz what I do is complicated.

Anyway, last night (maybe it was the wine) I leaned into answering from an open heart.

“I gather groups together,” I told them, “I work on Facebook and Zoom and in live circles - retreats and workshops. We close our eyes and imagine ourselves moving through space and time, listening to the voice of wisdom inside of ourselves.”

“Oh,” my sister in law said. “So it’s a kind of mind yoga?”

“Well, kinda,” I said, with a little laugh. I leaned back. “That’s close enough,” I said and the conversation moved to other things.

Then, this morning, I woke up thinking, ‘Mind yoga’ is not nearly a wide enough name for what I do.”

What I do. What WE do. In Soul Caller world.

We shift worlds.

how we do it

we gather around a virtual campfire, close our eyes and breathe together.
We settle the body and quiet the busyness and chatter of the mind.
Deliberately, we move our attention onto the spacious silence - and the parallel path that waits for us,
patiently, without asking anything of us but presence. The other life that is always there, parallel to the path we are on.

I do psychoactive dream work. The kind that shamans And medicine women have always done with a modern twist. We learn to navigate and map out inner spaces, how to dream while awake, How to converse with nature spirits, ancestors and angels, As we journey through the rooms of the house of self).

This work is not imaginary - it’s imaginal, calling us into mythic time and space, introducing layers of symbol and story that resonate and reverberate through us at every level.

As we journey, we are actively participating - as compared with the way psyche engages when envisioning a story, watching a movie, or following pre-programmed steps of an app or video game. Here, in Soul Caller world we are engaging as aspect of consciousness that bridges the creator forces all of us carry within. Working with our own inner wisdom keepers - the visionary, the healer, the guide, the magician, we are innovating, initiating and creatively imagining ourselves, our relationships and our world in new shapes, colors and textures we are widening our sense of what’s possible we are expanding the boundary of our expectations this inner work leads to a mirroring effect in our outer world. An expansion of opportunity (Widening) and a new willingness and openness to the invitations life offers. This expands the boundary of our lived experience.

Another way of saying this: we envision ourselves expanding, we deepen our connection to the skills and inner wisdoms we carry and practice new ways of being. This shifts our sense and image of self. As that image shifts, we shift— The skills we’ve practiced with our eyes closed are now available to us with our eyes open. Our expectation of life has also changed. We have a new sense of what we are and what we are capable, building an inner resiliency and real skills which cross over into our waking life, helping us navigate real situations - at work, at home, in our community.

What we do in Soul Caller world is a bit like dreaming, and a bit like poetry: symbols emerge and guides whisper wisdom. Impenetrable walls crumble into stones which we repurpose to build foundations, bridges, bright new rooms. Stones dissolve into sand, which we melt into glass. Glass becomes windows. We peer outside. a new landscape stretches before us. There, in the distance, a bridge beckons: Come, cross into a new land.

This is the real work that we do.