This too is resistance

The subtle (and profoundly powerful) resistance of holding your own center

As you are resisting the endless shenanigans in the news cycle, be awake to the ways - subtle, insidious and steady - that this is reprogramming your psychological, neurological and emotional circuitry.

Notice if you are feeling sensitive, anxious or strangely low-energy or depressed. And move to support the return of your own natural rhythms.

Schedule periods of silence and of solitude into your day - all social media turned off. Walk in nature without a destination. Just be outside in the world.

Seek out quiet activities like reading, listening to music, writing in a journal. Move your body gently - daily - to release stuck energy.

You don’t have to go to the gym. Dance a little in the kitchen. Park farther from the office building and walk. Move without any goal - not to get in shape. Not to lose weight. But to feel movement moving you.

Finally, practice kindness.

I don’t mean that you should be nice. I mean that the native human response to other living beings is open and generous. In a sociopolitical climate such as we live in, kindness must be cultivated. As a practice.

All of these small things add up to help you reclaim sovereignty over your own thoughts, emotions, movements and behavior.

This, too, is resistance.