What happens when I bless everything - even the 'bad' things - into the world of love?

You are the one who blesses the world. When you withhold anything from blessing, a small part of the world goes into darkness.

This week, I invite you to consider the soul question we are working with in our Holding Circle:

Is there anything in myself, in my life, in the world, that I am holding separate from gratitude, separate from blessing? What person, what circumstance, what quality in myself am I struggling to invite into the fullness of blessing?

Consider: What might happen if... ?

What might happen if I accepted that this, too, is blessed?

Try it. Notice, what happens when ... ?

What happens (inside of my heart, outside of me - in the world) when I include 'hard things' into the wholeness of the ONE world?

Working with these questions prepares you for miracles.
Get ready to receive them!