Root and Rise: What did you notice that you had not noticed before?

What do you notice that you had not noticed before?

My friend Ruth posed this question to me last June. It was the third month of quarantine and what I noticed, most vividly was this: My energy was slowed wayyyyy down. No longer waking up and hurrying to leave the house, I was coming to the window with my morning tea, and gazing out at the farm across the way. I was noticing the sheep grazing the lawn in front of the farmer’s house. (Had they always done that? Had they escaped their pen? Closer to the window, I was watching chipmunks sipping dew from the grass.

As the sun moved through the sky, I noticed I was following it. Moving from the east side of the house to the west where, in the afternoon, I found myself at the back of the house watching the sunset over my garden.

Noticing what you’re noticing expands awareness.

What did you notice recently, last week, last month, last year - and what are you noticing now, that you had not noticed before?