Day 2-Root and Rise: What soul questions are leading you?

What do you wish SOMEONE would do about the world? Have you ever considered that your wish may be a call from your own deep longing, a call from the soul?

Though we can find YouTube experts to guide us through the steps of a recipe, a DIY project or a book proposal, answering our heart and soul questions requires a more nuanced approach.

First, because we may not know what our soul questions are. Soul questions reveal themselves over time - years of winding trails, dead end streets and wild terrain.

Second, because, by their nature, our soul questions are training us, by experience, for the life we are meant to live. Though they challenge us, true soul questions always add skills, insights, and reveal hidden talents. And, though our soul questions may seem to be leading us out into the world, they will always lead us back to our own heart.

Today’s contemplation/Question invites you to look backwards and catch a soul question leading you. What has always fascinated you? What has frustrated and bewildered you?

Another way to ask this might be: What conversation do you wish someone would start? What might happen if YOU started it?