Day 4 - Root and Rise: What is breaking your heart? What is mending it?

Mystical mentor, Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope, says that, “If everyone followed their heartbreak into action in their local community, we would see a transformation of the entire world. We have that much power. We can make that much difference.

There’s a story I love from the spiritual canon. Two men walk down a beach when they notice thousands of starfish, strewn across the sand. The tide is going out now and the starfish will die. One of the men stops to scoop up a starfish and toss it back into the sea. The other man scoffs, “What difference does that make? You’ll never rescue all of them.” The first man turns to face him. “It made a helluva difference to that one.”

Each time I encounter that story, I find myself adding this unspoken scene: The second man’s eyes widen in realization. He bends and scoops up another starfish. A few others walk by and, inspired, they bend to rescue a few starfish of their own. Cell phones are pulled from pockets - resources marshaled and before long, the beach is covered with people, bending, scooping up starfish.

A movement begins with one person, one response, one starfish. Each of us can respond only to what is before us. So, today’s question invites you to consider: What is breaking my heart? What single ‘starfish’ — something that is right here, at your feet — might I bend toward today? How might this help me to mend my own broken heart?