Day 5 - Rise and Root: What did I give up on this year, for better or worse? What gave up on me?

This question accidentally slipped out last Sunday, before the series even began! Perhaps you’ve already had the chance to reflect on it. I’m eager to hear your response.

Question: What did I give up on this year, for better or worse? What gave up on me?

What was I simply not able to do? What disappointments did I experience this year? Things don’t always work out as we hope they will. Last year, I wanted to go to France and continue my exploration of the Mary Magdalene mysteries. When the program - and all travel to Europe - was cancelled because of the pandemic, I felt disappointed. But I knew there was a gift in my disappointment. It was an opportunity to ask: What did I hope to experience that did not happen?

When I checked in with my heart, I learned something new about my longing to travel. It wasn’t a specific trip or location I wanted to experience, it was immersion into a new culture, new stories to discover, new scents and sounds, new music and poetry. Once I understood that, I decided to make those things possible right here at home. And so, when I was invited to join a VIRTUAL journey through the same area, I leapt at it. And it was marvelous. I’m going to do much more virtual journeying this year.


Think about something you gave up on this year - for better or worse. What did you think that person or experience would bring into your life? What feelings? What qualities? What experiences did you hope to have?

After you've considered the disappointment, you can try part two of the process.

Part two:
Now that you have a sense of what you didn't get to do, to have, to try - take out a sheet of paper and consider, how might I experience that now?