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Hello, I’m Amy Oscar, former features editor for a top-selling women's magazine where I launched and ghost-wrote a wildly popular column about angels. In 2015, I quit my magazine job, joined a yoga teacher training (and then another) and launched, in my own meandering way, an online school for Soul Callers. I’m the mother of two grown humans and the spiritual guide to a circle of Soul Callers from around the world.

Since 2011, I've led hundreds of gorgeous spiritual souls through through a series of workshops and programs built around my conversation with the angels.

Beginning in 2024, I'm bringing all of these teachings to Substack. Here’s a post explaining how I came to this decision and what I hope to build here.

What you’ll find here on Becoming Real

  • Workshops from my School of Magic (paid)
    A full curriculum, offered seasonally.

  • School of Magic CIRCLES (my paid Zoom community)
    Deepen the experience

  • The Flow Transmissions
    My conversations with angels and The Guides, Guardians of the Field of Love and Blessing

  • The Well
    Refuge, Creativity, Prayer, Practice.

  • Plus regular (free) posts chronicling my journey through a messy material world as a sensitive spiritual being. Vivid dreams, Embodied Imagery, Parts talking to other parts.

You’ll also find . ..

  • Chapters
    Where I work out my big ideas. Memoir projects. Excerpts and studies from my (as yet) unpublished books.

About me:

I work with gentle, generous people with enormous hearts who have experienced the trauma of living in an overwhelming world - which, these days, is most of us.

I offer Spiritual Medicine for a world that's hurting (and a heart that’s aching). Gentle and effective, easeful and everyday solutions to help you meet what’s happening without losing your capacity for connection, creativity and joy.

The simple practices I offer will re-enchant your world.

My CV:

  • 15 years as Sr. Editor/Ghost Writer of the “My Guardian Angel” column in Woman’s World Magazine. If you sent a miracle story from 2004-2014, I read it!

  • Author of Sea of Miracles: Invitation from the Angels and My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman’s World Magazine

  • Creator/Author of The Soul Call Cards: a new way of divination

  • Author of The Soul Caller Training, a six-week program in spiritual awakening (the foundation of Soul Caller School).

  • Trauma Sensitive Spiritual Counseling, Energy Anatomy, Sacred Contracts and Spiritual Alchemy, Reiki, and Yoga CYT-500.

  • Workshop leader for New York DMA, a division of Robert Fritz’s Institute for Human Evolution.

  • 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, freelance journalist and proprietor of a gift basket business.

  • Right now, I’m leading the quiet contemplative life I’ve always dreamed of. Writing, Teaching and gathering my body of work into workshops and books
    I’m enjoying visits with my children who live on opposite coasts of the U.S. and walks with my husband. I’m dreaming of traveling to Paris again - and getting in condition to walk the Camino.

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Notes and Workshops on our emergence as fully-embodied human beings. The symbolic, the mythic, the archetypal. How it all weaves into the earthbound.


Intuitive Empath. VIvid Dreamer. Mom of two grown beauties. Spirit Guide to a big pile of gorgeous Soul Callers. Reclaiming the world for love. Former magazine editor. Neglectful gardener. Also, I talk with angels.