I see Love Rising - in the world, in myself and in you.

I am a writer, a mom, and a teacher, who also happens to have the gift of imagery, which is less mysterious than it sounds.

Put simply, it means that I see (in my mind’s eye) vivid dreamlike imagery. I’m guessing this is the way that shamans and artists and screenwriters see: in moving patterns, pictures and symbols.

When someone tells me a story or outlines a project, a room of awareness pops open to the right of my forehead. Like an an imaginal diorama where I visualize the story building itself in bright dreamlike images.

When I talk with people, in my 1:1 sessions, online workshops and in-person retreats, I begin from the intention to welcome whatever emerges between us. I have no pre-conceived system, no series of steps. No plan for what the person before me should or could do. My work is to observe what is asking to emerge in your life in present time, and to help you soften and dissolve emotional and energetic blocks which may seem to be stopping that emergence. We do this for one reason: so that you can experience the fullness of your life.

If I had a goal, it would be helping you to settle into the experience of grounded presence, a steady, quiet peace. When we feel steady and at peace, we become more spacious inside. We can open more easily to let the world delight and surprise us.

From spaciousness, without effort, without having to DO anything, we naturally begin to fill with what is already here - our natural self. As the natural self, which is often exiled, returns home, the feelings and sensations that have made us feel anxious or unsettled can heal. No longer do we feel separate, unworthy, and unable to make life work.

As I work, I share the illuminated imagery that I see with my client. This helps unlock and release stuck energy. In an Illumination Session, I notice patterns in the things a client says and does. These patterns reflect the ways that they perceive and interact with the world.

An imaginal model begins to emerge, a map of the world as they experience it.

Everyone experiences the world differently. Everyone lives inside of a field of their own experience. The best word I can find for this interior point of view is ‘soul map’ (but I want you to know that soul map is not its name. These things have no names. They are images, guideposts pointing to a personal point of view. You might think of the ‘soul map’ as the configuration you have drawn inside of yourself which explains the world (and your place in it) to you. I also want you to know that this ‘soul map’ exists inside of a wider ‘map’ - a field of love and blessing that contains us all. Which is why you are not trapped inside of the ‘soul map’ that you inhabit right now. You can change maps, you can move to a new story. you can change your life.)

In a session, as you and I explore this soul map, you notice things you may not have noticed before. Out of this, invitations emerge - experiments you can try to expand the borders of that map (and of yourself inside of it).

Like opening a window that has been sealed shut for a while, these openings allow fresh air to circulate. New light becomes available. Once you can breathe, life feels easier, more spacious. You have more room to move and grow and create. Feeling better, you can make new choices. As you will see, following light always leads to joy.

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and to write about the other magic,
the one where, even in the darkest times,
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