I see Love Rising - in the world, in myself and in you.

I am a writer, a mom, and a teacher, who also happens to have the gift of imagery, which means that I see (in my mind’s eye) vivid dreamlike imagery. When I’m speaking with a client or listening to a story, a room of awareness pops open to the right of my forehead. It’s like an an imaginal diorama where I visualize the story building itself in bright dreamlike images. I’m guessing this is the way that shamans and artists and screenwriters see: in moving patterns, pictures and symbols.

In my 1:1 sessions, online workshops and in-person retreats, I begin from the intention to welcome whatever emerges between us. I have no pre-conceived system, no series of steps. No plan for what the person before me should or could do. My work is to observe what is asking to emerge in your life in present time, and to help you soften and dissolve emotional and energetic blocks which may seem to be stopping that emergence. We do this for one reason: so that you can experience the fullness of your life.

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I invite you into the experience of grounded presence, a steady, quiet peace. When we feel steady and at peace, we become more spacious inside. We can open more easily to let the world delight and surprise us. From spaciousness, without effort, without having to DO anything, we naturally begin to fill with what is already here - our natural self. As the natural self, which is often exiled, returns home, the feelings and sensations that have made us feel anxious or unsettled can heal. No longer do we feel separate, unworthy, and unable to make life work.

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The symbolic, the mythic, the imaginal and the earthbound. I may post a recipe or a piece of this memoir I'm wrestling with. Also, I talk with angels.


Amy Oscar

Reclaiming the world for love. Talking with invisible friends. Mentoring Soul Callers. Walking in nature. I offer tools to help you find your way.