I am a writer, a mom, and a teacher, who also happens to have the gift of imagery, which means that I see (in my mind’s eye) vivid dreamlike imagery. When I’m speaking with a client or listening to a story, a room of awareness pops open to the right of my forehead. It’s like an an imaginal diorama where I visualize the story building itself in bright dreamlike images. I’m guessing this is the way that shamans and artists and screenwriters see: in moving patterns, pictures and symbols.

In my 1:1 sessions, online workshops and in-person retreats, I invite you into the experience of grounded presence, a steady, quiet peace. When we feel steady and at peace, we become more spacious inside. We can open more easily to let the world delight and surprise us. From spaciousness, without effort, without having to DO anything, we naturally begin to fill with what is already here - our natural self. As the natural self, which is often exiled, returns home, the feelings and sensations that have made us feel anxious or unsettled can heal. No longer do we feel separate, unworthy, and unable to make life work.

I begin from the intention to welcome whatever emerges between us. I have no pre-conceived system, no series of steps. No plan for what the person before me should or could do. My work is to observe what is asking to emerge in your life in present time, and to help you soften and dissolve emotional and energetic blocks which may seem to be stopping that emergence. We do this for one reason: so that you can experience engaged, illuminated radiance — the fullness of being alive.

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My backstory

To cultivate the gifts I was born with, I’m a lifelong student on a never-ending path of discovery, curiosity and scholarship, including:

  • 10 years as the Founding Editor/Ghost Writer of the “My Guardian Angel” column in Woman’s World Magazine. If you sent a miracle story from 2004-2014, I read it!

  • 40 years developing spiritual development programs, managing group events and offering life-changing workshops in New York City and, for the last 12 years, online

  • 25 years in private practice as a spiritual guide and mentor to hundreds of clients from around the world

  • 20 years of direct personal conversation with The Guides, a group of non-physical teachers who speak with me through vivid dreams, automatic writing and mental imagery

  • For 12 years, I have held space as creator/curator of The Soul Caller LAB and Sanctuary Circle, a group of hundreds of heartful, soulful human beauties from all over the world, most of whom have worked with me for years.

  • I’ve authored two books, Sea of Miracles, and My Guardian Angel: Real-life Angel Encounters from the Readers of Woman’s World.

  • In 2011, I brought through The Soul Caller Training, a six-week program in personal spiritual awakening, by automatic writing.

  • A few years later, I co-created (with the angels) The Soul Call Cards and Guidebook, a profoundly moving, powerfully effective new way of divination

  • Recently, I became a 500-hour certified yoga instructor and, a long time ago, a Reiki Master. I hold certification and/or years of experience in many healing modalities including: Trauma Sensitive Spiritual Counseling, Energy Anatomy, Sacred Contracts and Spiritual Alchemy. I’m a lifetime student of Depth Psychology (Carl Jung), Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner), and the patterns and cycles of human consciousness. Currently, I’m studying Kabbalah, Archetypal Astrology and Wetiko. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Human Development.

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On the emergence of the fully-embodied human being. What it feels like. What it looks like. I write about the symbolic, the mythic, the imaginal & the earthbound. I may post a recipe or a piece of this memoir I'm wrestling with. Also, I talk with angels.


Amy Oscar

Reclaiming the world for love and beauty. Mentoring Soul Callers. Building a School of Magic. I love strong black tea, poetry and peonies. I curate fine things from thrift stores. Also, I talk with angels.