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What is happening where you are?
A free hour of shared silence in the sanctuary of early morning
last weekend, I spent the night in the hospital excavating the interior of my own heart
You're okay. As is.
The severing of a human being from guidance is the root of all suffering. Without intuition, and the guidance it brings, we are left wandering - lost i…
A repost from my other blog
Kind of a Podcast: Cold FeetListen now (35 min) | In which, I read from my work and comment as I go.
Audio Reading: Stream of the most profound deep radiant holy love I have ever knownListen now (40 min) | In which I name myself divine
In which I rename myself divine
Flow-You are the way of love and we are here to serve your evolution and awakening Listen now (16 min) | I imagine you listening to this transmission from The Guides as you make breakfast. It’s an uplifting message, which leaves me fe…
Meditation: First visit to the SanctuaryListen now (25 min) | A meditation to lead you inside the Soul Caller Sanctuary, a gift, with no strings attached, for all who feel called to listen, t…