Thank you for this - for trusting yourself enough to publish this material! It can't have been an easy decision, as is underscored at the beginning of this post when your fears were confirmed.

This was very profound for me. As another commented, a confirmation of what I feel I know but didn't know I knew. It's simple, as the profound always is yet slippery like trying to carry water in your hands. In some regards I don't want it to be true that everyone must find their own way. Yet I know it is. That means there's no easy way. Yet it's very simple.

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what a gift to have access to this on a daily basis. thank you. reading it feels like and alignment, like what i know to be true inside my own heart wakes up, stretches and comes to the front and center of myself, it feels like a confirmation, a rush of hope and joy and beauty.

gracias amy

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