Nov 29, 2021Liked by Amy Oscar

Thank you, this really resonates with me. As I am becoming more attuned to the light and shadow side of all aspects of the sphere in which I dwell; I sense myself sifting the truth from a story, belief or practice that roots in commercialism but portrays as a gift, support or resource for the benefit of all. I am feeling quite adrift in doing so; truth, once known and seen cannot be unknown and unseen, and I don’t quite know how to navigate as a creator vs as a reactor. What you have described feels akin to keeping a clue journal; something in which I can document shining words and moments/experiences through which a more truth-full, elevated perspective will unfold as the ‘seemingly unrelated’ dots connect over time. I do this with my journalling, pull out shining words and phrases at the end of each week or month and see what message illumines as a result. I feel you have provided me a means to find mooring in that which feels so big, as I feel so small. I am so grateful for your love and sharing xx

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