Becoming Real by Amy Oscar
And all of it was love
Sunday Talk with a friend
Sunday Talk with a friend
See yourself in a joyful place. In which, I sit down and speak to you as if I am speaking to a friend. At the end, an exercise to try: A conversation with your future self

I want to connect with you more steadily. So, I thought I’d try just talking to you, as if I’d called up a sister or a friend. For me, the conversation felt easy and comfortable, informal and expansive. I wonder how it will land with you. Do let me know. And as always, I’d love to hear about you. Tell me about your life and work, your journey along the path.

I always respond, though it may take a minute.

Have a wonderful new moon and a glorious summer solstice.
Happy Week!

In this podcast episode, I sit down to talk about what’s in the room around me and wind up talking about what’s going on with my body, creativity and the spaces of my home - and I realize, as I’m talking, the parallel experience between my present self and my past self and project into the future, for a conversation with my future self.

I close with an exercise for you, talking with your own future self.

Notes for this episode:

  • I mentioned the first time I encountered channelling - when I was 28, in a NYC art gallery. The spiritual entity was named Ramtha. He spoke through a channel named J. Z. Knight. She became kinda famous back in the day. When I saw them, she was just getting started.

  • I said that I wanted you, my readers, to know me better. I’m uncomfortable being labeled ‘woo woo’ or ‘spiritual teacher’ or ‘channel’. I am so many other things. This leads, as I said on the podcast, to a rather ‘muddy’ brand - I collect treasure, read energy, chart people’s sacred biographies. I spoke on this call about nutrition and time traveling - I didn’t even mention I’m a yoga teacher! I am gonna have to do more of these morning talks!

  • I said that I’m a ‘Sacred Biographer’ - I’m also a Story Alchemist. Seeing myself this way, naming the deeper soul work I do, is part of my new School of Magic and Miracles curriculum. You can follow that journey here.

  • I said that I’m a Voice for the guides. I’m referring to my own ongoing education process, which I’m sharing now with readers in The Flow Journals, which you’ll find here.

  • I wondered aloud whether my new treasure hunting project would develop into a bonafide business venture. We’ll see. If and when it does, you can follow along (and go shopping) at Treasure Pile, over here.

    All in all, I’m thrilled to be able to connect with you in this new way. This sort of conversation is what Becoming Real is all about.

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Becoming Real by Amy Oscar

And all of it was love

Here, I read and reflect upon the teachings of the Flow Materials and my own journey. Many people receive the energy of the guides teaching through voice - audio - so this is another way to deepen your connection to the guides' message.