The Imperfect Podcast: A reading (with lots of commentary) of my post, Unsilencing Myself


(This is actually a photo from a couple of years ago but I went looking for it on my computer cuz it’s a good representation of how I look (and how I feel) when I’m recording one of my imperfect podcasts. Enjoy!)

After my post, “Unsilencing Myself, accidentally went out in the raw - a bit of a mess with dozens of typos - many of you wrote to reassure me, and to honor what I’d written. One reader told me this was the best writing I’ve ever done. Well now. I thought. Maybe I need to be this raw (but not this messy) more often.

Anyway, because so many people responded to this piece, I thought I’d record it for you - with some commentary that I hope will put some things into context for you. Reading out loud certainly puts things into order for me - it helps me see where the work drags, where it needs clarification. I see all kinds of punctuation errors. I’m leaving all of that there for now so I can focus less on perfection and more on getting the work out.

* I am always grateful for your feedback. Encouragement is nice. Comments are always welcome - I love hearing from you. I’m also open to hearing suggestions about what you want me to talk about. You are welcome to send me questions. Ill always do my best to answer.