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Podcast: She stayed with me

Podcast: She stayed with me

A reading from my post, "Stream of the most profound deep radiant holy love I have ever known". In which I name myself divine.

In this episode of my “Kind of a Podcast”, I read you my latest long piece, “Stream of (the most profound deep radiant holy) love I have ever known” for your drive to work, your evening meditation. As always, I read and also, riff on the writing - adding some new thoughts, correcting my grammar as I go.

You can speed it up if you want.

I’m listening back at 1.25 and it’s not too fast. There's a little button in the upper right corner of the audio player. At regular speed, I'm speaking slowly, deliberately, thinking about each word, each phrase as I read it out loud.

Either way, thanks for listening. :)

Notes from the Field of Love and Miracles
Stream of (the most profound deep radiant holy) love I have ever known
If you’d prefer to listen to this post by recording, you can do that here. So much happens that I don’t tell you. So much that I want to share. So, even though this post is a tangle - a message within a mystery within a maze of mind fuckery that I am only beginning to unwind, I am sharing it anyway. I am speaking anyway. And know this. There is magic in …
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