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Podcast: Cold Feet

Podcast: Cold Feet

In which, I read from my post, Cold Feet, and expand as I go

In this episode, I read you “Cold Feet,” which led to a discussion about dream imagery and power. Then, I read a related post, entitled: “Two Wild Feet,” and, in one of those wonderful mazes that serendipity brings, THAT post led me to another one, about a dream I’d dreamed even earlier.

I hope you enjoy this. Let me know in the comments. I’m practicing letting my voice into the world again. So I’ll be doing more of these for a while.

You can speed up or slow down the recording. There's a little button in the upper right corner of the audio player. At regular speed, I'm speaking slowly, deliberately, thinking about each word, each phrase as I read it out loud.

Thanks for listening.
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