Dec 8, 2020 • 31M

Audio: Wisdom emerges from the center, and presses outward, widening and expanding us over a lifetime

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Amy Oscar
Kind of a podcast, in which I read to you from my writings - and maybe, down the line, interview/talk with some people.
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In which, I take a walk on a cold day to the labyrinth in my friend’s back yard to ask a question and receive an answer.

A word about the sound quality: In this, my first recording here on Substack, I am literally out in the field. So, the sound is a bit windy and crunchy as I move through the woods. If that doesn’t distract you, you’ll hear me move from question to active listening To receiving an image and responding to it. This is the raw material in real time. The blooming of a realization which will order the work that i do going forward.

The elder tree emerges from the center of the sapling. As she, wiser and wider, emerges into view, the bark of the younger sapling cracks and thickens. As a pregnancy presses from within, and a maiden becomes a mother, so the emerging wise woman (crone) pressed outward within the mother. Maiden, Mother and Crone are nested, one inside the other.

As we age, we carry our younger selves within us. We will never lose the experience that we’ve had, the relationships we’ve made. All of what we ever were is ever with us, informing what we become.

You’ll see it build in future writings. You’ll hear me mention it in future podcasts and in my weekly circle. An image which emerges before me (literally) Even as it emerges from within me (imaginally) as I walk, as you listen.