Becoming Real by Amy Oscar
Podcast 1
Reading the Flow: Second Transmission
Reading the Flow: Second Transmission
In this podcast, I read the second transmission aloud, explaining and embroidering the text with my own reflections.

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Wow! I loved recording this reading for you.

As I sat with the sunrise and recorded this reading of the second transmission, the teachings moved through me - through my whole body - again. You can hear this activation happen as you listen.

Though I don't mention it at all - you can hear it as my voice changes, as my words speed up. I become engaged and excited by the work, adding stories from my own life, embroidering the teachings with my own insights.

This is what happens when the flow moves through us.

Listen while you’re driving, while you’re wrapping presents, while you’re making dinner.

Tell me how the Flow Materials are landing with you, how they’re working for you. Tell me how you are mapping the path to the way of joy.

One on One
If you want to talk with me, here’s a link to my appointment calendar.

It’s $125-300 per 90 minute session. If you want to talk with me but this is outside of your range right now, tell me. When the ground is trembly, we need to hold one another in blessing. This is how I do my blessing work. Everyone’s got a different money story. You know what you’re willing (and able) to pay for a conversation with a person like me. I trust you.

To price your own appointment, use the code PERSONALPAY when you schedule your call. Send me an email telling me the fee you’ve selected. I’ll send you my Venmo info - or, if you prefer, I’ll shoot you a Paypal invoice that you can pay in installments.


As I review the Flow Materials, I am increasingly attuning (again) to their message and frequency. As a result, I am rethinking all of my offerings for 2023.

I want everything that I offer to say: You are welcome here.

I’m keeping all of these offerings - all of these “you are welcome” spaces in one place. Click here to take a look.

There, you’ll find Journey, a weekly Zoom call. A walk through your own interior landscape. There’s a tent at the top of a hill. A labyrinth. A forest. This is illuminated work - awakened dreaming.
Bring your journal and your open heart. You are welcome.
Join for the year or join month-to-month.

You’ll find The Well, a monthly gathering for guided meditation, delivered live (in a Zoom call) and then offered by recording. You are welcome.
Join the live call or listen by recording… or both.

There are one-on-one sessions. You are welcome to talk with me about anything, everything. I will listen and tell you what I hear and what I see.

Finally, there will be Salon.
Four week deep dives into juicy things.
I’ll tell you more when I know more.

I look forward to hearing from you - meeting with you.