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Envision 2021. Today. 4:00pm ET

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Keep returning here. Keep coming home.

Journey to the bright room

Word of the Year

Meditation: Rise with the sun

Sit. When you can't sit, write. Stay with yourself.

At the turn of the season, I wish you light, ease and an open door.

In the dream, I was the ordering principle

Audio: Wisdom emerges from the center, and presses outward, widening and expanding us over a lifetime

In the dream, I was writing the word 'mercy'

Field Note: Companion

Flow journals: standing on two wild feet

What happens when I bless everything - even the 'bad' things - into the world of love?

Q & A: Scar tissue in the energetic field of the heart

Audio: Talking mystery and magic with Slade Roberson

Looking for a home for my heart's work

Invitation: Entering the Dark Unknown

This too is resistance

The dream about the blimp

Pandemic Diary: How to escape in the dark

U.S. Election Day


flow journals: reading back

Soul Call Cards: Rise Fallen Child - A message from The Force of Nature about the CoronaVirus

You are the vessel through which the new world is being born

Soul Call Cards: I am holding this matter inside the sacred wall of the forest

Pandemic Diary: #Featherwalking


Pandemic Diary: Quarantine day 15

Pandemic Diary: No. Just no.

Pandemic Diary: Message from the Grace Mother

Pandemic Diary: Message from the Grace Mother

getting used to quarantine

Video: When you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world