Sitemap - 2022 - Becoming Real

4-16 Flow: You are not your bindings. You are not your name.

Flow 4-12: Radiance and Reunion

Flow 4-16: Take a Feather Walk with the guides

Flow 4-3 This is the birthplace of joy

Flow 3-30: This is it

Flow 3-28 - You live inside of God’s heart like a single cell.

Oh no! I forgot to invite you to dream with me

Flow 4.12: You are the chooser

Flow 3-26: I see only love where you stand

Flow 3: You are not here

Reading the Flow: Second Transmission

"It was like the deepest sort of exhalation of, oh, this is a different kind of group entirely."

Reading the Flow: Second Transmission

Flow 3-27 Holy Interruptions - You were made for joy

Flow 1:3 I am here and you are here with me

Flow. You were made for this

Flow 1:2 I ask the guides: What do you mean when you say, "This is the word of the flow - of God"?

Flow 1.1 Guidance for the Age of Anxiety: Living a Joy-Led Life

Angels talk to me. I write down what they say.

Often, when my heart is broken, I don't know what to say.

This is the day. Come home.

Who are you? I ask the guides. And they tell me.

Listen, they said. I listened. (Humming with the angels)

About The Flow Materials

Flow 1:1 In the beginning was the word, the holographic nature of God's name

Thank you. I love you. I release you with great love.

Call your abandoned self home

What I didn't mean when I said that I was channeling God in the kitchen

Images form the world through us

The longing to be seen, the trauma of emergence

Let there be roses and pens, cell phones and stones, let there be glasses of water and books about god...

Keep telling the story of love

Podcast: Is it possible to hold this much grief without shattering?

Podcast: Is it possible to hold this much grief without shattering?

Is it possible to hold this much grief without shattering?

sometimes i lose the thread of myself

The third way is the way of love

Dream: The bridge of enchantment

Event: Close your eyes and join me in the field of love

When you show up for love, love shows up for you.

How will I meet this?

Sit with me in presence

Throwing my mother's artwork in the dumpster

Podcast: Walking with Shekinah

Podcast: Walking with Shekinah

My last post just sucked. So I rewrote it.