Sitemap - 2021 - Becoming Real: The Journals of Amy Oscar

The Soul Caller Journey

The waking dream of a car moving closer and closer to my house

You are the light

Two maps: one blue, one golden

We invite you to claim this gift now

As I follow the image, I am Her

You won't get anything from Soul Caller work

Enrollment for Journey 2022 is open!

Capturing shimmers, collecting miracles

The tenth yoga

Blah blah gobbledegook: reading the mystical magical language of spiritual science


Early Morning Shared Silence

In the hospital, there it is again, the steady and persistent echo of love

I magically grant you permission to be what you are, as you are

How do we reconnect the severed thread of love

What happens at the end of life?

Podcast: Cold Feet

Podcast: Cold Feet

Podcast: She stayed with me

Podcast: She stayed with me

Stream of (the most profound deep radiant holy) love I have ever known

Podcast: You are the way of love and we are here to serve your evolution and awakening

Meditation: First visit to the Sanctuary

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I thought I'd explain more clearly about ONECircle

Shifting stories

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My 2021 offerings - all in ONECircle

Day 6-Root and Rise: Take a walk you were not planning to take

Day 5 - Rise and Root: What did I give up on this year, for better or worse? What gave up on me?

Day 4 - Root and Rise: What is breaking your heart? What is mending it?

Day 3- Root and Rise: Radiant breath

Day 2-Root and Rise: What soul questions are leading you?

Root and Rise: What did you notice that you had not noticed before?

Root and Rise: 7 questions at the coming of the spring

Pandemic Dreaming: What are you dreaming about?

Cold feet

The dreams where the light came for me

Mapping the coordinates: so much happens in a week

You are the way of love and we are here to serve your evolution and awakening

Podcast: Unsilencing Myself

2021 List: Suggestions for a good life

Unsilencing myself

Nothing is (inherently) bad, nothing (inherently) good.

Surrounded by Marys

Join me in envisioning the World of Love

I have two openings in the holding space