Sitemap - 2023 - Becoming Real

Do you hear what I hear? The silence between one year and another

December: Recordings & Invitation

Waking up in the middle of the night to talk with God

You are loved. You are blessed. You are already perfect. Nothing you do (or don't do) can exile you.

The angels invite me to play

peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace ... only peace

Presence is happening right where you are

Q & A: Boundaries for caregivers, lightworkers, coaches, counselors and other helper-healers

Q: Who are the Guides?

“In another time and place you would have been known as a wisdom keeper.”

In the Beginning

Love sends me messages - and sometimes, I share them with you.

You don't have to, Love told me.

The day when I lost all of my poetry and didn't freak out

Welcome to Becoming Real

This is not the eclipse of everything good


open the church. become the medicine.

Dissolving the spell of shame, blame and reactivity that keeps us scared, small and stuck in the war zone

Thank you

Whelp. I have overwhelmed myself again.

Tenderness toward the self. A free recording. An invitation to quiet inside.

Discussion: New Moon Gathering

So, I've been over at the School of Magic, talking about love

See yourself in a joyful place

Inventory of Tenderness: a free meditation for you at the new moon

Tomorrow: New Moon Gathering at the Well

The School of Magic

Oops... sorry about that


This might be the most important post I've ever written

Barbie names the invisible that anyone with eyes can see

You are here to re-member the world of love

The woman in Panera

It's easy for me to receive

I am not going to finish everything before I die. Neither are you.

This Monday! Write with me and your own Writing Spirit

Invocation, Blessing, Sacrament

Inventory of Tenderness

Sunday Talk with a friend

Transmuting Fragility to Power.

Today! Join me on zoom

This Saturday: Soul Caller Salon at the new moon

The 'poke' of guidance

How do you tend to your own beautiful heart? How did you practice heart-tending today?


A strange dream

In the beginning, the mind, the first playground

Angels are the loving thoughts of God. They are love poems.

This week! A (free) online retreat to enhance your connection to the non-material world

You are always awakening, always on the path

The Temple of the Rose

I dreamed that we were crossing into the future

“If I believe this, everything changes.”

This is the time of many voices, many teachers.

bins of good will

The Well: Interweaving with the world around us. Noticing what supports us, what depletes us.

Arise from your chair of complacency

The Well: Welcoming Soil

Let it move through you

Awakening: What a LightWorker can (and can not) do about Darkness

You are designed to make imagined things into real things

Audio: First recording in Flow series

Get out into it! That's the guidance today.

The Well: Exploring from the center of your heart

The Well: Cultivating beauty. Engaging silence. Opening to what’s opening to you.

Who sat beside you?

All of life is dreaming

The changes you are experiencing now

The world that I see when I close my eyes

A walk through a welcoming forest

The Well - inner quiet, bone-deep contentment

Recognition - and invitation

Dis-appoint yourself

5-16 There is no project that we will not bless

5-15 (part 2) Your friend will always be with you

5-15 Find a better project

I discover a me who is not afraid

5-1 Flow: You are makers

Flow 4-22 Be as you are

Just a quick reminder

Flow 3-26 Your true name is Love. Love is also our name. Understand this and receive the fullness of what you really are.

A quick note, an invitation

Flow 4-23 Call back (and heal) the choices you left unblessed

4-21 You were born with the source code for joy

Flow 4-20: Learning to purr

A couple of months ago, I decided to open this box of magic, thinking, Oh, this old thing. What could possibly happen? And oh, magic. Isn't it fun?

Q & A: Who decided on having a 'Watcher'? Was this a decision by the angels or by humans or both?

An invitation to consider my intensive, small group program

Flow: Release old ideas of the self, which emerged (were born into) a world in the state of fear

Flow 4-19: Look at the world you have made.

January - Natural Great Peace

Flow 4-19: You are the Namer. What world will you choose?